Our Officers

The club's leadership structure, ordinarily set out in its by laws, is largely a matter of custom, preference, and practicality. The critical leadership positions are the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Electric City Clown Leadership



The president of Electric City Clowns holds a position of responsibility in club affairs. The president must be an enthusiast and an optimist on Electric City Clown Ally matters and life in general, and must be dedicated and determined to plan and carry through an ambitious program of regular clowning activity.

  • Provides leadership and direction to the alley and organization;
  • Understands and adheres to the Electric City Clowns operating guidelines;
  • Presides at meetings of the club and coordinates alley activities.
  • Establishes short and long range objectives and goals for the alley;
  • Structures the organization to ensure continuity of leadership by providing opportunities for new leaders to develop and be mentored;
  • Represents the Electric City Clown Alley in the region by planning programs and public events that support the alley and build pride among its members;
  • Has overall financial responsibility for the alley;
  • Approves all alley communications;
  • Maintains regular contact with members on alley activities.


Vice President

The vice president of the Electric City Clown Alley plays a very important role in the life of the club.  Typically, the vice president will succeed the current president therefore must be fully engaged in all aspects of club activities.

Electric City Clown Alley

  • Plans, coordinates, and recruits committees to manage a series of meeting and programs;
  • Provides data on previous alley events to allow the group to benefit from past experience and suggestions for improvement;
  • Provides timely and interesting advance information for newsletters, social media, and mailings;
  • Provides or coordinates information on  forthcoming events to the secretary for inclusion in meeting notices and newsletters;
  • Ensures strong leadership succession by identifying and recruiting new alley volunteers;
  • Provides mentor-ship to new officers.
Electric City Clown Leadership



Our treasurer is responsible for overseeing club finances.  They are responsible for collecting dues and receiving other monies, e.g. proceeds from tickets.  Other responsibilities of the office of Treasure include the following:

• Follows best financial practices as determined by the Communities Team;
• Completes and submits the annual financial report to the Communities Team each year by the stated
• Assists the president and other officers in preparing program budgets and financial controls;
• Maintains and supervises club bank accounts;
• Ensures that there is more than one signatory on all bank accounts;
• Files IRS Form 990 (for organizations exempt from income tax) as necessary, and appropriate state
forms to comply with fundraising statutes;
• Sends copies of completed tax forms to the Communities Team;
• Ensures that adequate budget and financial controls are maintained;
• Prepares and submits financial statements to the president and the executive committee and board of
directors on a regular basis, i.e. all board meetings or at minimum quarterly;
• Pays all club bills on time.

Electric City Clown Alley




The office of the secretary is one of the most demanding in the Electric CIty Clown Alley because the secretary manages all of the club’s records, files, and details. Responsible for the club’s records, it is imperative that the secretary be prompt, organized, and efficient. This means that the club’s records must be kept up to date and orderly.  The secretary’s record file should include the following:

  • Handles the correspondences of the club meetings and keeps records of it;
  • Maintains official records of meetings;
  • Informs officers of deadlines for reports, mailing, future commitments;
  • Coordinates mailing of notices/newsletters to members and affiliates;
  • Maintains a roster of officers and members that should include:
    • Member's full name, home address, phone and email address
    • Date of birth
    • Date of joining Electric City Clown Alley
    • Committee assignments and offices held in the alley
    • Chief interest in Electric City Clown Alley, hobbies etc.
  • Maintains complete and up to date copies of the alley's bylaws and other organizational documents.


Sergeant at Arms


The sergeant at arms has various duties, but is primarily responsible for organizing meetings, following protocols and maintaining order and decorum among the members and all persons present at a meeting.

Val 'N Tine the Clown

  • Responsible for keeping inventory records pertaining to the alley;
  • Act as doorkeeper and is responsible for admitting only eligible persons;
  • Arrange meeting equipment such as chairs, tables, displays, refreshments, etc;
  • Keep order during meetings and in extreme cases, eject attendees from the meeting;
  • Responsible for cleanup process after meetings.
  • Responsible for the safe storage of any equipment, supplies and property owned by the alley;
  • Responsible for inventorying of supplies and reordering of them when needed.