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About The Electric City Clown Alley


We are proud to say that Electric City Clowns holds charter #285 in Clowns of America International (COAI). Our mission is to organize those members desiring to pursue their interest in the performing art of clowning and the supporting arts, to provide for the continuing education of our alley members, as well as, to be of humorous service to our local communities, while promoting the best of the clown arts, its traditions and ideals.

In the early months of 1994, a handful of people who felt that continuing opportunities to share and learn were important, started to meet for pizza and balloon twisting at the home of Bill "Snappy" Hart.  Bill was our teacher and our mentor. He stressed the importance for continuing clown arts education and public performance opportunities to hone our clowning skills, develop our characters and to come to an understanding of the traditions of the performing art of clowning.

This pizza eating, balloon twisting group of aspiring clown artists soon established the Electric City Clown Alley.  We have been making smiles as a group of clowns ever since.   Electric City Clowns also affiliated with Clowns Of America International (COAI) and proudly holds charter #285.

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Our membership has grown steadily over the years as new clowns come out of school and other area entertainers learn about the joy of clowning . The "Red Nose News" is our award winning monthly newsletter. To get on the mailing list, all you need to do is sign up.

The newsletter is packed with information about what is going on within the Alley, a calendar of upcoming events and performance opportunities, some helpful hints and, on occasion, a few jokes of questionable quality.